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Why Choose CMC?

Why choose CMC? We offer more than a just a service, providing valuable strategic insight and advice. We work closely with our customers to develop a tailored solution to drive key business objectives. Whether it’s operational efficiencies, environmental performance, cost reductions or all of the above, our CMC solutions deliver a comprehensive and flexible suite of services. The CMC integrated solution can meet the diverse needs of organizations with a range of content deployment (paper, media or electronic) and supply chain support requirements.

CMC helps you manage and distribute your printed materials quickly, securely and cost effectively to your customers and partners around the world.

While CMC’s individual capabilities and solutions offer world-class quality and service levels, combining them into an integrated workflow — under one roof — helps you to lower your total costs, shorten your lead and turn times, and make you more efficient with your time. We conduct form and structure of materials, data management, generic and personalized printing, mailing services, kitting and assembly, order fulfillment and material distribution, and the technology to make it all more accessible.

You’re expected to maximize return your marketing investment! Deliver targeted messages and communications to your prospects and customers so that the right message gets to the right person at the right time. That makes the message relevant and significantly increases the likelihood that your customers will respond.

Let us become an extension of your own marketing team today so you can maximize your effort and investment!

Individualized Project Management

CMC provides a dedicated account manager assigned to your account, ensuring you always have a single point of contact who understands your business.

Revenue Management

CMC provides unprecedented ability to control costs and manage your revenue stream, while allowing your team and authorized training partners quick, easy access to the materials they need just when they need them. We can configure your portal to allow your instructors, Authorized Training Partners and other users to pay by cost center, credit card, or market development funds (MDF).

Save Time and Money

CMC’s single, centralized on-line portal streamlines your process, saving you time and money. CMC provides print-on-demand and the global fulfillment infrastructure you need to deliver your marketing materials in any format, faster and more economically
CMC also provides unprecedented ability to configure your marketing portal to control costs and manage your budget while allowing your users to pay by cost center, credit card, reward points or Market Development Funds (MDF).