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UCSC Extension Case Study

Problem: The UCSC Extension needed a solution to manage and fulfill their printed classroom material requirements for their students, while adhering to new directives to be more “green” through digital distribution of course materials. UCSC administrators encountered difficulties maintaining and aligning each student’s data with their curricula, all while incurring exorbitant costs and inaccuracies managing the print and fulfillment process in-house.

Solution: Beyond taking care of their print needs, CMC’s suite of services delivered a blended technology solution that resolved ALL of UCSC’s pain points related to courseware dissemination. Not only did CMC assume their print and fulfillment services for classroom and student materials, but developed a web-to-print solution that managed student data efficiently, allowed their students to order their specific course materials online, select whether they wanted PDF or hardcopy version, and then print and ship to their home address. This required a multi-system integration of UCSC’s ERP with CMC’s production workflow, resulting in a seamless user experience for UCSC students and faculty.

Results: UCSC was able to deploy a new web-to-print solution that enabled 100% electronic submission of class material orders and material fulfillment without the school having to get involved beyond submitting a student/curriculum spreadsheet at the beginning of each quarter. This new digital asset management platform streamlined courseware management for administrators, instructors, and students, saving UCSC valuable time, money, and headache. Additional benefits include:

  • Eliminated internal print center costs
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced labor for teachers and administrators
  • Automated job tracking and provided pertinent reporting