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Order Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment

CMC provides the global order fulfillment infrastructure you need to lower your costs, grow your sales, and deliver a great experience to your customers. In the evolution of your business, there comes a time when it is less expensive to outsource your order fulfillment than to continue to manage it in-house.

Domestic & International Fulfillment Expertise

Fast, dependable and cost-effective shipping is critical for any business. Our first priority is getting your orders to your customers quickly and accurately, meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. CMC’s vast experience in order fulfillment allows us to advise you on the best way to package and ship your products, so that orders arrive on your customers’ doorsteps quickly and on-time, but without shipping costs eating into your bottom line.

Global Fulfillment Infrastructure

CMC has the global fulfillment infrastructure you need to reach new customers around the world. Our international shipping expertise and network of global printing partners ensure you avoid common issues with customs and VAT when shipping overseas. Local shipping is the most cost effective solution, and we have the global network to make more of your shipments local ones.

Order Management

Using the latest technology, we provide a customized web portal for order and inventory management and real-time reporting. You can quickly and easily analyze what products are selling and in what regions, helping you manage inventory costs and drive more sales.

Dedicated to Service, Dedicated to You

CMC provides you with a dedicated projects manager, ensuring you always have a single point of contact who understands your business. Order after order, your Project Manager will be there to consult with you, solve problems, and make this the best buying experience.