Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

What if you could streamline sales and marketing by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions? That’s cross-media marketing automation. And we know how to put it to work for you. We can strategize and run your programs through our licensed MindFire platform, for personalized print, email, landing pages, and mobile.

What is Cross-Media Marketing Automation (CMMA)? CMMA is a support service CMC provides that allows you to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. CMMAis about automating the routine and repeatable tasks associated with lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and creating and maintaining a marketing lead database.

Diagram of automation

Diagram of automation

An analogy: Quickbooks is to accountants as automation software is to marketers. Of course accountants can operate without software doing the numbers by hand, but things go so much more smoothly when they have software to guide their processes and catch their careless mistakes. Automation works the same way for marketers. It’s easy enough to make a post for social media or create text content for an ad. However, in either task, how will you measure your marketing performance? What will be your mechanism for detecting which prospects are leads and which are just fans of your brand? How will you be sure that your content is optimized to attract people to your site based on keywords and other markers?

The answer is Marketing Automation, which gives marketers the ability to:

Manage leads intelligently
Marketing automation system is the core of your content marketing, demand generation and lead nurturing eco-system. Used effectively, you can manage and optimize nearly every step from initial lead capture to handing off qualified leads to your sales team. You can improve every aspect of digital marketing through testing, segmentation, lead scoring and analysis. Leading marketing automation systems are user friendly, but they are deep with functionality, much of which is often ignored by casual users. Power users, backed by consistent, compelling content, can produce outstanding results.

Marketing automation is far more than sending an email to a list of prospective buyers and tracking form submissions. It starts with aligning your sales and marketing teams so that they are on the same page with respect to

• Target markets, buyer personas and messaging

• Understanding the sales process and sales cycle

• Understanding the sales funnel concept and buy-cycle stages

• Understanding the demand generation and lead nurturing process

• Agreeing to criteria for buy-cycle stages, including lead scoring thresholds and sales-ready events and triggers

• Understanding and agreeing to the handoff between marketing and sales with respect to criteria and CRM integration

• Feedback (or closed loop marketing) to the marketing automation system (and team) based on sales engagements and status updates

• Increase the number and percentage of qualified leads passed to sales
• Increase conversion rates for demand generation and lead nurturing
• Reduce the number of leads lost and missed sales opportunities
• Automatically move leads through the sales funnel based on the content they consume and interactions with your emails and website
• Reduce the sales cycle and churn, while increasing lifetime value
• Improve the overall effectiveness of both sales and marketing teams
• Enable Revenue Performance Management to track revenue-based KPIs and ROI

We are known for our expertise and leadership in utilizing industry-leading, cloud-based marketing automation solution to deliver results. Our team works with you to operate your marketing automation campaigns to move leads down the sales funnel and pre-qualify them for your sales team. We do this by following a well defined marketing automation process:

• Content creation, design and optimization for lead nurturing campaigns

• Integration of demand generation campaigns with lead nurturing campaigns

• Creation of lead nurturing emails, landing pages and confirmation pages

• Creation of personalized content, calls-to-action and smart forms

• Placement of calls-to-action on web pages, blogs and social media

• A/B testing of all lead nurturing and content personalization components

• Setting criteria for lead scoring based on page and email interactions, form conversions and information provided via forms

• Setting criteria for buy cycle (or lead lifecycle) status based on lead score and/or page interactions and form conversions

• Creation of workflows that automatically adjust lead score and buy cycle status based on established criteria

• Creation of workflows that automatically update segmented lists for lead nurturing communication based on buy cycle status and/or lead score

• Creation of workflows that automatically notify appropriate sales and marketing stakeholders for campaigns, regions, products and personas when selected lead status thresholds are met

• Management of marketing automation system integration of data with CRM so lead data is synchronized, enabling sales team to quickly follow up on hot leads and maintain updated lists of qualified leads. Also enables closed-loop feedback so unqualified leads are returned to lead nurturing.


We offer a variety of service packages to fit your marketing needs.  Whether it’s a series of scheduled localized email blasts, or a full-fledged cross-media campaign, CMC can put the ideal package together for you to maximize your spend and ROI.

Take a quick tour of the key features:

Upload and manage contacts

At the heart of your marketing automation is your Contact database. Whether your Contacts currently reside in your CRM, or some homegrown system, or even in Excel, your first step towards improved marketing effectiveness is to upload your prospects and customers into your powerful Contact Repository. Upload from a CSV, or pull directly from your CRM. As required, create an unlimited number of Custom Fields, and configure Deduplication Rules to maintain the integrity of your data.
MindFire Studio Contact Manager

As your marketing Programs and Campaigns unfold, your Contacts’ behavior will be stored and made available to you as a means of refining your ongoing communication. That means your marketing will get smarter as you go along and your results will improve.

Plan your multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns

The CMC Studio provides you with the ability to architect a variety of Campaign workflows, whether they be simple outbound Email campaigns, or something highly sophisticated.

First, you’ll plan your Programs and Campaigns using an intuitive drag-and-drop Canvas, enabling you to create a visual representation of your marketing workflow. Start from scratch with a blank canvas, or get a quick start by using a Campaign Template.
MindFire Studio Multi-Channel Campaigns

Next, you’ll design your Programs and Campaigns in collaboration with other Users, and manage Roles-based Permissions to control viewing and editing privileges. Using the Campaign Canvas, you’ll configure all aspects of the multi-channel campaign, including defining your Target Audience segmentation criteria, as well as each of the involved media.

MindFire Studio Collaboration

Configure your media touches

As you configure your media, you’ll notice that they’re all managed through similar interfaces, which means that once you learn how to use one form of media, learning others is a snap. In addition, all media provide you the ability to use full personalization, allowing highly targeted and personalized communications. As you work on your media, you’ll be able to store and manage your Digital Assets (like HTML, images, and more), for easy reference within any Campaign Element.

You’ll create your Campaigns using:

  • Email. Send scheduled outbound HTML & text emails
  • SMS. Send scheduled SMS text messages from a shared shortcode
  • Social Media (Twitter). Send scheduled Tweets or fully personalized Direct Messages to a group of Followers
  • Direct Mail. Create export-ready files for print with full personalization, QR codes, and Personalized URLs
  • Microsites. Create an unlimited number of personalized pages, forms, and mobile-ready sites

Go beyond just personalization, version messages, offers, and calls-to-action by creating powerful business rules that are usable across your Campaigns and all their media. Pretty cool, huh?

MindFire Studio Outbound Channels

Launch! (And don’t forget to turn on the autopilot …)

When you’re ready, execute your Programs by setting Schedules, and automate your follow-up, drip, and nurture sequences using a variety of powerful mechanisms, including:

  • Triggers. Monitor a variety of events to trigger any number of Outbound Media or follow-up activities.
  • Goals. Set, track, and act on conversion points, for use in Reports and other performance measurement.
  • Scoring. Add or subtract Contact scores based on activities (Events) performed by Contacts within your marketing Program.


MindFire Studio - Launch Your Campaigns

You’ll use these marketing automation features to enable your Programs and Campaigns to keep working for you, even while you’re asleep! If at any time you want to check up on what’s going on, you can use your Program Calendar to keep track of all media activities – just click Publish, sit back, and let MindFire Studio do the work for you.

MindFire Studio - Schedule and Automate Your Campaigns

Measure and improve marketing performance

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Programs’ performance by measuring all aspects of your campaigns. View standard reports for all multi-channel elements, including Email, SMS, Direct Mail, Twitter, and Microsites. Drill-down to details showing Contact Activity history across all marketing Programs, Campaigns, and Elements.

MindFire Studio Contact Manager

Use Visual Analytics to slice-and-dice campaign performance, uncovering patterns that will make you look like a genius. Or better yet, share the reports with your clients, simply by clicking a button and sending an email.